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excited about our endeavors as we look to the betterment of our students, and our community. Copyright (1995-2011 Tracey R Rich If you appreciate the many years of work I have put into this site, show your appreciation by linking to this page, not copying it to your site. This is part of the extensive laws of ritual purity described in the Torah. Potential human life is valuable, and may not be terminated casually, but it does not have as much value as a life in existence. The sin of sexual relations between men is punishable by death (Lev.

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The woman's right to sexual intercourse is referred to as onah, and it is one of a wife's three basic rights (the others are food and clothing which a husband may not sex steenwijk reduce. Birth Control In principle, birth control is permitted, so long as the couple is committed to eventually fulfilling the mitzvah to be fruitful and multiply (which, at a minimum, consists of having two children, one of each gender). A Focus On Sustainability At Penn State, we view sustainability as the simultaneous pursuit of human health and happiness, environmental quality, and economic well-being for current and future generations. Students may request accommodation or auxiliary aids from. The first and foremost purpose of marriage is companionship, and sexual relations play an important role.

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