Sex 2005 forum de meern site

sex 2005 forum de meern site

With ssbm coming closer and closer to its end, I felt this was the time to make a true PAL tier list. A few more people were approached, but they simply couldnt make the vote or have been substituted. Seretur, norway: Kriz, masamune, sweden: Captain Jadde, ek, helios.

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Secondly, because one person shouldnt decide something like that. The Netherlands: Marc, the UK: The_Doug, thank you! I felt I shouldnt decide who got to vote for every country by myself. Basically, the first and second tier represent characters that are considered tournament viable, while the third and fourth tier represent characters suited for low tier tournaments. I also did this to get about 20 voters, because I thought a 5-man panel would be too elitist. Cronos_Rainbow, france: Bossofsmash, doraki, joanna Dark, poilon, italy: Aldwyn. First of all, because I dont know every smasher in every scene that well. Therefore, we agreed to split the list up into only four tiers.

Find Your Dealer, visit our Leading Edge page to learn about the latest Ditch Witch equipment, performance parts, financial offers, and trends. As for the break up, it soon became clear that the first three tiers were pretty obvious, but after that it became quite vague.