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her tight pussy. Or maybe Gianna likes girls - that's okay, too, because the girls are definitely going to be all over Gianna with her newfound confidence! No way, it's too embarrassing!' she tasha takes her daughter's hands into her own and gives her puppy eyes while asking again for her help. It's a great way of becoming more comfortable with your body and even exploring - and owning - your sexuality! Natasha gushes that modeling can help with that shyness. 'But you draw nude pictures!

Gianna briefly mentions how her day was pretty uneventful and shyly thanks her for the compliment on her hair, smoothing down her own hair, but is curious. There's a few false starts before she does so, carefully stripping down in front of Natasha.

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Eventually, that intensity turns to hunger as she bites her lip and/or the end of her paintbrush and suggests more confident and provocative poses. Natasha gives a dramatic sigh, remarking that her regular model had to cancel at the last minute. Besides, she barely even notices naked bodies anymore, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about! Gianna has a crush on him, right? Read the rest of this entry. Once she masters that, that raw confidence will carry over into her everyday life as well.