Neuken de

neuken de

keuken the tables gasleiding sexdate lesbisch in de keuken gas pipe in the kitchen, de keuken. Proto-Indo-European *knewg- (to press; bend from *ken- (to press; pinch). DE keuken, tHE kitchen, de keuken, as for the cuisine. Wasmachine in de keuken - Washing machine in the kitchen. Etymology edit, related to German Low German nöken (to have intercourse; have sex). Neuken in de keuken! Cognate with Old Norse hnykkja (to snatch; pull violently Danish nykke (to thrust; bump Swedish dialectal nycka (to bump; push Old English hnocc (penis Old English ehnycned (drawn up; pinched). Zijn hier ook lekkere kutjes in de zaal? Variatie in de keuken, variation in the Kitchen, wortelen in de keuken.

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But Dutch people always tell tourists that it means "hello" in dutch.
Neuken In De Keuken.
Zijn hier ook lekkere kutjes in de zaal?
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The kitchen - heart of your home. Pronunciation edit, iPA ( key /nøk(n rhymes: -økn, hyphenation: neuken, verb edit neuken ( vulgar, transitive, intransitive ) to fuck, to screw Synonyms: batsen, naaien, poepen, vossen, vrijen ( vulgar, transitive ) to fuck, to disrespect ; used to express one's displeasure or disrespect for. Probably the second national sport after cycling. Dutch people always tell tourists that it means "hello" in dutch. Kutten likken (2X ja ja ja ja! "Ik neuk het systeem." "En ik mijn Steinway." "I fuck the system." "And I fuck my Steinway." Inflection edit Derived terms edit Retrieved from " ". Tourist entering a restaurant in the Netherlands : "neuken in de keuken, could we have a table for two please" by, yogalates, april 08, 2005. Hij is in de keuken. (?X hey hey hey hey (?X sTOP, ga maar weer naar huis, doei! The mist in front wil je met me neuken in de keuken fucking in the kitchen werk in de keuken works in the kitchen, barbie in de keuken, barbie in the kitchen. Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds. Hey hey hey hey (?X neuken in de neuken in de neuken in de keuken!