Parry is an Executive Director of the company

Here’s this week’s latest batch of burning questions, your smart aleck responses and the real deal. Thanks for sending.Question: What’s going in on Fairview Road in East Asheville where the old Burger King was? It looks like they’re building something, but it does not appear to be a fast food type of joint. I assume that means it’s going to be a Publix, so I just need your final confirmation.My answer: Because having it your way means willing the grocery store of your choosing into existence.Real answer: The building will take on new life sans hamburgers starting next year.The owners of Blue Ridge Pharmacy have purchased and started to develop the empty lot at 801 Fairview Road in Oakley Plaza.The new facility, which will be called Sona, will be a hybrid pharmacy and clinic model, including a community pharmacy, primary care and urgent care, pharmacy director Brad Melson said.”We wanted a facility that would serve our patients’ needs, and we wanted a name and brand that would reflect our commitment to listening to and taking care of our patients,” Melson said.

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