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Travelling is a word that makes people rejoiced. There are a number of amazing and beautiful destination around the world that are easy reachable these days. Due to economical air fares and easy reachable option, you can roam anywhere in the world. More and more people are opening up to travel new countries. Everyone is willing to explore new places to take a break from their routine. Even children these days are willing to explore new places in their holidays. A number of people are reaching destinations for official purpose. There are various multinational companies that work in different countries and their employees keep travelling to various countries on official trips. While travelling to a new country for leisure or official or any other purpose, you must obtain the visa of that country. Other than visa, a travel insurance fulfilling the conditions provided by the country is also required. You also need to fill the required forms and submit the documents regarding the reason of your trip, the duration, and residence in a new country.
Travelling abroad is a dream come true for various people therefore; they want make their trip a never before trip. People start planning their trip much before its actual time. After a lot of planning tickets are bought and it is the time when travel insurance is obtained. There are various countries that are commonly explored by people from around the world. Europe has recently been a common place for the visitors. European countries are known for their awesome nature and scenic beauty. Some of the European countries are members of schengen zone that requires a schengen visa and schengen visa travel insurance. This insurance helps a traveler stay safe while travelling in the schengen country. Any mishap occurred while travelling can be dealt easily with the help of this insurance.
Travelling to Europe can be an amazing experience with plenty of memorable moments. But your trip can be ruined any time with the smallest mishap or any unforeseen circumstance. All of a sudden you may find yourself in a helpless situation and it can be very difficult to find help in an unknown country. In such a helpless situation, you can get a great support through Schengen visa insurance. There are various other travel insurances that can be obtained for different travel purposes, such as student, business, and adventure travel insurances. Any type of travel insurance can be obtained as per the requirement.

Author is a frequent traveler with a great travelling experience. Schengen visa travel insurance is a great help for any traveler

Image from page 104 of “The great West: a vast empire. A comprehensive history of the trans-Mississippi states and territories. Containing detailed statistics and other information in support of the movement for deep harbors on the Texas-Gulf coast /by F.
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Identifier: greatwestvastemp01dana
Title: The great West: a vast empire. A comprehensive history of the trans-Mississippi states and territories. Containing detailed statistics and other information in support of the movement for deep harbors on the Texas-Gulf coast /by F.L. Dana
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Dana, F. L
Subjects: United States, West — Description and travel Utah Description and travel Utah History
Publisher: Denver, Colo: Great West Publishing Co, Excelsior Printing Co.
Contributing Library: Church History Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Digitizing Sponsor: Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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soon after associated himself with Mr. Henry C King,in the real estate, insurance and investment businesses, under the firmname of King & McDowell. ourley investment company, Composed of Gurley Bros., C. D. and R. A. Gurley, two substan-tial business men of Denver, who have had great faith in North Sideproperty, and who have very large property interests in that direction.Their sales have been chiefly contined to improved property, theyerecting houses on their vacant property for purchasers and receivingpay in monthly instalments, similar to the building association plan.During the past two or three years they have in this way assisted alarge number of persons in becoming owners of their own homes. The success of the Fourteenth street viaduct is due mainly tothis Arm, to C. D. Gurley especially, who has given most of his timeduring the past year to the furtherance of this stupendous enterprise.A little over a year ago there was formed in this city a Fourteenth 100 THE Gkkat Vi;si

Text Appearing After Image:
TOLTEC GORGE.On line of Denver &. Rio Grande Railway The Geeat West. 101 Street Viaduct Association, for the purpose of building a viaduct ofearth and iron bridges, supported upon stone abutments, from the CityHall along the west bank of Cherry Creek, which, in one sense of theword, is really the extension of Fourteenth street, across all the rail-road tracks, Boms fourteen in number, over the Platte river to thehigh ground on Platte street, making a continuous roadway. This em-bankment, with the approaches connected with it, is to be 3,200 feetlong, and involves the lifting and placing in position of more than170,000 yards of earth and other material, exclusive of stone and ironwork. For several months the association had at work upon the em-bankment a number of teams, which, with scrapers and wagons, re-moved from the bed of Cherry Creek all of the material there avail-able and placed it upon the embankment. As soon as the water wasreached in excavating the bed of the creek it w

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Advantages of Travel Insurance Canada Packages for Travelling Outside Canada


Travel insurance Canada plans for foreign tours provide complete protection for bearing emergency medical expenses as well as many other expenses on behalf of individuals staying in foreign countries for an extended period of time. These insurance plans cover medical expense and emergency medical evacuation coverage, repatriations and lot more. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy travel insurance packages. Especially, those who travel out of country, they find travel insurance truly beneficial in many regards.


Travel insurance policies have numerous benefits that make them an ideal insurance investment:

* Travel insurance safeguard you and your family members against medical emergencies, trip cancellation & interruption, baggage loss, flight delay, lost documents or tickets, legal referrals etc.

* When you travel outside Canada, health care expenses are very high. Your provincial health care insurance may not cover many aspects like medical evacuation .It is always best to have supplemental health care insurance to have provision for uncertain accidents, injuries and health issues.

Who should opt for travel insurance Canada policies for foreign tours?

When you are visiting another country, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance policy so as to make adequate provision for uncertain health and medical issues. Such travel insurance policies are ideal for business and leisure travellers, expatriates, students studying in foreign countries and church or missionary travellers etc. In other words, such policies are recommended to all those travelling to other countries.

Considerations for buying travel insurance plans

* You can easily get travel insurance through insurance agents, tour & travel companies etc. Many credit card companies also offer a varied range of travel insurance packages.

* One can get short term or long term, single trip or multiple trip insurance packages as per his specific needs. If you frequently visit a country for personal or business interests, it is better to have a whole year travel insurance package to grab the cheaper insurance deals.

* Different travel insurance packages have different restrictions in terms of current state of health of the insurer and current medical changes. It is highly recommended to carefully understand how adequately and to what extent your travel package protects your interest.

* Apart from adequate coverage, it is also very important to deal only with licensed insurance agents or companies. These specialists insure that insurance policy adequately covers you for your whole trip and will stand by your side firmly and immediately in your medical emergencies and other related concerns covered under the insurance.

Choose affordable Travel Insurance Canada plans to cover you when you are traveling. AwayCare Inc. provides out of country and out of province medical coverage to Canadians.

Burton Monument on Moel-y-Golfa – Photo by Nick L.
Business Travel Insurance
Image by Nigel Jones
BVS Walk 12 October 2014
The inscription is intriguing.

This is certainly one of the most unusual memorials I have seen. This monument was built in 1963 by the son (Uriah Burton) of Ernest Burton, a Romany Chell (Chief). After Uriah’s own death in 1986, a second inscription was added in his memory.

The monument was built by friends and acquaintances of the Burton’s. Allegedly, some contributed their labours under duress. This is not an accessible site, standing atop a pretty steep climb with no easy tracks to the top along which vehicles could travel, and it is a not inconsiderable achievement to have got the massive stones into place on top of the monument.

More here:

Here is a transcription of the newspaper article (in the link above) from "The People" Sunday newspaper of November 1963. The item is written by Uriah "Big Just" Burton and tells an amazing story of very hard graft and brotherhood:

It seems that a lot of people have fear of me after the kidnappings last week. I want to explain about it and about the handcuffs.

I want to put things right for the ordinary people who have fears that I might come after them.

Some people have been saying the kidnappings were all a joke. They were no joke. They were real. But everyone who has been taken by me has been connected with me and my men. And they have either given their word to work on the stone or boasted that nothing would persuade them to do so.
This made it a sort of challenge in my mind. I was determined to prove them all wrong.

I am a gipsy and I am proud of it. My word is my bond.
But I will start at the beginning.

The father was a Romany Chell (Chief), a good man, loved and respected wherever he went, especially in Wales, where he was born and lived most of his life.

He was a dealer in cattle and horses and he was a breeder of horses.

With my brothers and sisters we travelled with him. We lived under the stars, out in the country. I have never lived in a house in my life.

As the years passed we had to progress like other gipsy families. Our old caravan disappeared. Motor cars and trailers took their place, but the work was the same and we were still free.

Come spring we would have 50 foals running the road. I helped the father break them in. I learned about horses, loved the life.

Then the father died. He was (50/59?). Before he died, three years back, he had asked us his children, that he be cremated and his ashes spread on the Welsh mountains he knew and loved so much.

I went up into an aeroplane to carry out that last wish.
Some think that was when I decided to put up the The Stone as a remembrance. A time of mourning is not a time to think of actions.

It was later that our family pledged to put up The Stone.
There had been nothing like it anywhere in the country, probably in this whole world.

Moel-y-Golfa was picked because it was the highest of the Breidden Hills and because it was covered in trees. The owner of the land gave his permission. We went to see contractors. They said the task was impossible.

I had made a pledge. It could not be "impossible."

With relatives and god friends we went to Wales to start the job.

It was hard work. We had to make a road up the mountain. The weeks went by. Word began to go around about what we were doing. Some people sneered at us.

Other people, business men, promised to come and help.
Then, when the time came to go to Wales, they said they were too busy with their business.

I found that this was not always true. They were going to parties. They were not too busy for that.

But they had made a promise and should keep it.

That was when I decided to use the handcuffs, mainly as a joke and a sort of insurance that they would not break their word gain.

We had waited a long time for the main stone for a memorial.
It came from Cornwall and we had to wait until they had two pieces big enough for a main part.

I didn’t want an ordinary monument that would crumble away in time. I wanted something that would last forever.

When the stone arrived I started the kidnapping.

It began in Scotland down through England to Wales.
I got a bus to take the men. All the people who had given their word to help, inclduing those who had broken it, were taken by us, put in cuffs and taken to Wales.

That first weekend we had 75 men.

Some didn’t like it. They were mad at us. I wasn’t worried by their threats.

But I had taken them along with me in good faith and had the responsibility for them.

I had to feed them and give them somewhere to sleep. I had my big horsebox, a marquee and an articulator caravan.


I spent £40 on food for them and another £20 on drink.
All night there were arguments, then the dawn came.

We broke bread together and they began looking toward the mountain top. They wanted to get on with the job. The work was started.

There were all sorts of men there, some very rich men. Many had never done anything like it.

But at the end of the day they came to me and said they were proud to have had the chance to help.

I was ready to pay £4 a day to any man who worked for me.
Of those 75 men, only about ten took money from me.

In the end the others worked away as a matter of pride, to see the job through.

It was a hard job and a dangerous job. We had to move three blocks of granite, weighing 12½ tons, 10½ tons and five tons to the top. The road was a track of mud, in places very steep.
We had been lent an eight wheeler lorry by Mr. Arthur Hepworth of Norton, near Doncaster. He gave it free.

We loaded the granite onto it and with the bulldozers at the front and back we began the job. We would move only five yards at a time. As we went up the men kept blocking and scotching (fastening) the lorry.

Then the lorry stuck. It wouldn’t move at all. When it did it began to slide back.

My brother, Osiah, was in the cab of the lorry. He was the best man for the job. He was calm. I don’t think he knew the danger to him.


We put chains on the lorry, but they snapped like candles. With wire ropes we fastened it to trees, but it pulled the trees out by their roots. But somehow we got the lorry moving up again. And we got to the top. It took us two days.
I say that nothing is completely bad. In every man there is good. On that mountain the good in the men I had taken came out.

When we took them home, not one complained to the police. They wouldn’t have done it after being on the mountain.
Mind you, I respect the law. You must have it and I wouldn’t break it.

Today The Stone is nearly finished. I have had thousands of offers to help me since "The People" article last Sunday and when the opening ceremony takes place everyone will be welcomed.

We hope to have a priest there to bless The Stone.
The handcuffs have been put away and will never be used again. I have proved through them that there is good in every man if it is given the chance to come out.

Text below a photo of man in a sack being carried away:
Flashback to "Big Just" in action last week – carrying off handcuffed victim to a ??? big van. Now he says that there will be no more "kidnapping" – that he has put away the handcuffs for ever.

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