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No one will deny that traveling to amazing foreign locales is a mesmerizing experience filled with lots of fun and enjoyment. Every time you go for travelling overseas, one thing you want to be sure with is that the trip must be planned properly so that it is not interrupted or ruined by some unnatural events and that’s why you put up your valuable time, efforts as well as hard-earned money for making the preparations of the trip. But regardless of the truth that you took so many pains for making your trip perfect, as the future is unpredictable, something might happen which can make the things not go the way you had planned. Lots of unforeseen situations can crop up abroad that may cause several troubles to surround you during your travel. It may happen that you face a medical emergency; meet with an accident, fall sick or your flight gets cancelled. This may lead to churning all the money that you had kept for the trip and you would be left all alone in a foreign land that may, at times, be strange to you.
When you are in such a fix, travel insurance provides you complete peace of mind and help you out in all such situations. In case, you expect to travel to Europe quite often, say more than two times a year, then getting Schengen multi trip travel insurance is a great option for the reason that this plan covers an infinite number of trips you take for the maximum limit of 90 days in a six-month period. The best thing about this insurance plan is that you would not need to get travel insurance each time you go on a trip. You can buy a multi-trip policy once a year and concentrate on other necessary things you have to do.
A general insurance Schengen policy takes account of all the basic essentials. It can be customized according to the specific travel needs of the travelers by adding the optional covers. The basic and optional elements covered by a plan include including medical and repatriation coverage of a specific amount, trip cancellation/interruption coverage, baggage cover, among others. It is not important to get all the covers and you can the ones you require included in your plan. There are a number of insurance companies offering a range of travel plans for travelers going on a business tour, for enjoying leisure time, couple going on a honeymoon or people going for sport event, etc. You can select the plan that best suits your requirements as well as the budget.

Author of this article is a leading insurer of insurance schengen offering a complete line of Schengen single-trip and multi trip europe travel insurance plans for travelers intending to trip Schengen States of Europe.

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Business Travel Insurance
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Title: The Pacific tourist
Year: 1876 (1870s)
Authors: Williams, Henry T Shearer, Frederick E
Subjects: Union Pacific Railroad Company Central Pacific Railroad Company Railroad travel Railroad travel Railroad travel
Publisher: New York : H.T. Williams
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here lifting them-selves, and by the tendency of travel along the iiiir-row peninsula toward the country beyond it. Thestreets south of Market are some of them verybroad, and some quite narrow. This portion ofthe city was laid out originally with very widestreets and in blocks 200 varas or 550 feet wide,and 300 varas or 825 feet long, but these provedtoo large and it became necessary to cut them upby intervening streets, which have no element ofregularity except parallelism with the others. Thestreets are all numbered from the city front, oi fi omMarket Street, one hundred numbers being al-lowed to each block after the first, to which only99 are assigned, the even numbers always on the TMM ^^€IF£€ W^WMmW. 263 right hand as the numbers run. It is thus easyto locate any street and number. There are afew avenues, but with the exception of Van Ness,which is 125 feet wide, and built up handsomely,and Montgomery Avenue, which is laid out toprovide easy access to the North Beach portion

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SAN FKANOISCO MINT. of the city, they are usually short and narrow,or in the most newly laid out portion of the city,not yet built up. Th3 heavy wholesale business of the city isdone along the water front and, mostly north ofMarket Street, extending back three or fourstreets from the front to where banks, brokers,insurance companies and office business generallyhave become established, the same territorysouth of this street being occupied by lumbermerchants, planing mills, foundries, and machineshops. Retail business of all kinds is donealong Kearney, the southern part of Montgom-ery, the upper part of Market, and along Thirdand Fourth Streets. Markets are scatteredthrough the city. The Central is near Kearneyto the west on Sutter Street, and the Californianbetween Kearney and Montgomery Streets ex-tending through from Pine to California. Bothare worth visiting, and display everything in themarket line in rich profusion and perfect neat-ness and order. California Street and Mont-gomer

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