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Insurance is a safety measure obtained by the people to deal with an emergency situation with ease. Insurance can be obtained for life, home, appliances, vehicles as well as health. Insurance is obtained for a certain period of time with claiming and recovery rules. Insurance is a way of risk management that may occur any time. A mishap can happen any time in the journey of life. The most commonly obtained insurance is the life insurance. Although the loss life cannot be recovered by anything but a life insurance policy helps the claimants such as family members to live their life with a little ease. The loss is recovered by certain amount of money by the insurance company. Other than life insurance, health insurance can also be obtained that helps in recovering the expenses incurred in the hospitalization or medication. The insurance cover for accidents is also obtained by a large number of people these days. In the past some time, various cases of accidents have been witnessed. In case of hospitalization, a lot of money is required for the treatment. Some people may not be in a situation to pay the money at a time for the treatment. This may lead to interruption in the treatment. To avoid such situations, people are getting insurance policy for themselves.

The insurance known as travel insurance is also being obtained by a large number of people. This is the best way to travel to a place with a sense of security. This insurance is provided for single as well as multiple trips. Single trip travel insurance allows the insurer to travel to a new country for only once. Whereas, the multi trip travel insurance allows the insurer to travel to another country multiple times within the time frame of one year. Single trip travel insurance is suitable for the travelers who don’t have any plan of travel to another country within a year.

The travelers who visit various countries on regular basis can obtain multi trip travel insurance. People who visit schengen zone for official work or business can obtain the multi trip travel insurance. This insurance protects them against various odd situations. Any kind of accident, loss of valuables, theft everything is covered under this insurance. This insurance covers the insurer only within the schengen countries.

Anyone planning a trip either for the work or pleasure purpose wants it to be totally hassle-free. For this, many pounds of money are spent in arranging for the best hotel accommodation, airline tickets and what not. But this cannot assure your safety in the foreign land. Yes, there is one thing which can ensure your protection from the occurrence of any kind of eventualities such as a critical injury, medical emergency, loss of baggage or passport and a host of other conceivable risks. This thing is travel insurance.

Author is a travel agent offering travel insurances to the travelers. travel insurance to Europe offers cover for the trip to Europe. travel insurance schengen is an insurance that can be obtained by the people who travel to the schengen zone frequently.

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Tenuous Link: crooked hood

At 6:53 this evening, our good friend Millie’s face was bashed in by a cop. Millie was just 15 years old. Millie, also known as a 1995 Mazda Millenia S (S used to stand for supercharged), was just sitting there, minding her own business, when a St Louis police officer somehow ended up on the wrong side of the street and rammed her head on. Millie was shoved back about 5 feet, impacting the vehicle behind which was also shoved back, about 1 to2 feet.

I was on Flickr at the time the crash occured. Out in the street was another vehicle, a dark van with a family in it, also knocked aside, missing a chunk of the front left quarter panal and several associated parts.

So how fast was this cop going to first collide with the van, and still have enough momentum to travel another forty feet or so, ram our vehicle backwards and still have enough energy leftover to move the, even heavier, vehicle behind us.

Unbelievably, the cop was completely unharmed, even more remarkable concidering his air bag didn’t deploy. This was a very big fellow, standing a good head taller than myself. I’m 6 foot. I kept looking at his forhead to see if he had at least bumped his head. I asked him several times if he was ok. Finally he engaged in conversation. He couldn’t belive he had come out unscathed either. He said, with a sweep of his arm, and this IS a quote, "Yeah, I was racing through here,," He stopped himself and recovered with a, "well, not racing,,,." Then he referanced realizing he was sliding toward our car and thought, "This is gonna fu__ing hurt" Then he laughed, shrugged his shoulders and mentioned something about how after the crash, when he realized he was ok, he says he "wondered if MAYBE?" he should check on the family in the van.

I guess he did. I checked the street for "slide" marks. There were none. Given his vehicle certainly has ABS there shouldn’t have been slide (skid) marks, so I wonder what this "sliding" was he was referring to.

I’m thinking he was going kinda fast and attempted to swerve around a vehicle that was in his way, clipped it pretty good and carried through into our car. Don’t know for sure, didn’t see it,,, just that this seems like what would have happened if he was indeed "racing through here" as he let slip. It is also interesting that neither his siren or emergancy lights were running.

Fortunately, no one was injured at all. Well, except for Millie’s face being bashed in.

Later, when we were able to settle back into the evening, we realized we had missed one of our favorite shows,,, "Cops" ,,, or did we?

May update,,,

The driver and two other cops cooked up a story about how they were running with lights and sirens trying to get to the front of a string of stopped vehicle, There were like 4 other cars behind the van that was making a legal left turn into a parking lot. They claimed that the driver of the van (with wife and children on board) ignored their lights and sirens and turned in front of them anyway. It’s such a load of bull,,,, how in the heck did this guy get up to the speed required to cause this string of damage if all he was doing was "advancing" to the head of traffic (5 car lengths?) And if that was all he was doing, why the heck didn’t he slow down when he got there. He had to drive on the wrong side of the street and would have easily seen it was a short line of cars,,, what if there had been an elderly person crossing in front of these cars… he would have killer them for sure.

The truth is that he was NOT simply advancing to the head of a string of stopped cars, he was going full blast intending on PASSING them. He was doing exactly what he said he was, "racing through" there!

I had to pay for a copy of the FALSE police report and actually read this garbage. Despite the fact that there are several witnesses (at least 11) to dispute the claim of sirens, and a so-called ivestigation by "internal affairs" the matter has not been resolved. The family in the van saw no lights, and a witness who looked out their window just seconds after the crash, recognized the cop car from the street lights and it was only seconds after that that the cop thought to turn on his flashers.

An insurance company is pursuing the matter as well.

Dirty, dirty, lying cops. Don’t care who you hurt (in what ever manner) just so long as you cover your own butts. I hope you filthy animals read this, so you can know just how dirty low down you are. I know,, every witness knows it and YOU know it! The only thing in question is, "Do you have the guts to tell the truth?!!"

Now, it would be easy for me to say, "Hey, if the cops say it was the van driver’s fault then it must be his fault and so his insurance provider should pay for these damages." But, that would make me as crooked as you now wouldn’t it? I could just take the easy way out, get paid by his insurer and be done with it,, but,, again, that would make me part of the problem,, wouldn’t it? No,,, I’ll wait,, I’ll fight and if i have to I will go just as public as I can to make sure a much brighter light shines on your crooked behinds.

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