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There are many possible circumstances that can occur during travel. Travel insurance policies ensure that travelers don’t take a financial loss if something unforeseen happens on or before their trip.

Types of Travel Insurance

Just as there are several types of home, auto and life insurance, there are various kinds of travel insurance policies. As with any type of insurance, it’s wise for customers to find out exactly what type of policy is appropriate for their circumstances. Travelers may be covered for one or more of the following possibilities:

Trip Cancellation -This type of policy covers people who must cancel their trip due to a reason such as illness, a death in the family or some other unexpected event. This type of policy may not cover travelers who cancel trips for less serious reasons. Airline tickets, cruises, hotel reservations and other travel packages are not always refundable beyond a certain date. This makes trip cancellation insurance a helpful safeguard in case someone cannot travel due to a serious problem.

Travel Health Insurance -Typical health insurance policies do not always cover people who are traveling to foreign countries. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase a travel health insurance policy when traveling abroad. This type of policy is recommended not only for people taking vacations but also business travelers and students who are studying in other countries.

Travel Accident Insurance -This type of plan covers people who die or who are seriously injured while traveling. This is actually a type of life insurance policy

Trip Interruption Insurance -Whereas trip cancellation insurance applies to canceling a trip, trip interruption insurance pertains to trips already in progress. If, for example, someone become ill in the middle of a trip he or she may have to return home earlier than expected. This type of policy might also cover unexpected delays in the middle of a trip.

Comprehensive -A comprehensive travel insurance policy will usually include all of the above and possibly additional scenarios. This type of policy is recommended for travelers who want to be covered for almost any possible situation pertaining to travel.

Why Travel Insurance is Important

Insurance agents can explain the different types of policies and the situations that each covers. For many travelers, a comprehensive travel insurance policy is the safest choice. However, not everyone needs this type of policy. For example, some people have health insurance policies that cover them while they are traveling, so travel medical insurance is not necessary.

There are many possible events that can cause a trip to be canceled, delayed or cut short. Travel insurance is a way to prevent such circumstance from resulting in serious financial setbacks. People considering travel insurance should thoroughly research what type of policy is most suitable for their needs.

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Image from page 221 of “The industries of Saint Louis: her advantages, resources, facilities, and commercial relations as a center of trade and manufacture;” (1885)
Business Travel Insurance
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Identifier: industriesofsain00morr
Title: The industries of Saint Louis: her advantages, resources, facilities, and commercial relations as a center of trade and manufacture;
Year: 1885 (1880s)
Authors: [Morrison, Andrew and Irwin, John H. C.] [from old catalog]
Publisher: St. Loius, J. M. Elstner & co.
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Text Appearing Before Image:
anufacturers of jeans and Staple Clothing, for Men, Youths and Hoys: 519 St. Charles Street. In the history of this firm is found an illustration of the progress and success that awaitthose whose enterprise and business knowledge merit such reward. Commencing in the re-tail line, Messrs. Jos. Kaminer and Benho Prinz succeeded therein, and about nine years acobecame manufacturers and jobbers of jeans and staple clothing, which include satinets,cassimeres, and cotton and worsted goods such as are ordinarily worn by sons and daughtersof toil. The estal)lishment at 51,9 St. Charles street comprises a spacious building, four storiesand the basement being occupied by the firm. In the manufacturing, from 200 to 250 girlsare employed, . and four traveling salesmen are constantly on the road. The trade of thehouse now covers Illinois, and the North, West and South, and is constantly increasing inamount and territorial extent, and this success is fully deserved by the enterprising pro-prietors.

Text Appearing After Image:
Mesker & Bro.—(See opposite page.) THE INDUSTRIES OF ST, LOUIS. 21^ F. D. HIRSCHBERG. Insurance: 120 North Third Street. Mr. F. D. Hirschberg, of 120 North Third street, is a life long resident of St. Louis,and one of the oldest insurance men in it. He has been doing business by himself forabout ten years, having now the interests of the following strong corporations to attend to:The British America Assurance Co., Toronto; I^ion Fire Insurance Co., London; ScottishUnion and National Insurance Co., Edinburgh; Louisville Underwriters, Louisville. The following figures show the extent of the business done by these companies and theirstanding. The Louisville Underwriters is a Fire and Marine Company. Its assets are8,612.82; its paid up capital, 0,000; its surplus, 9,995.24. Its Missouri businessin 1884 amounted to ,688,597 of risks written, ,974,472 being fire and 4,125 riverrisks. The British America Assurance Company, of Toronto, has deposited in the UnitedStates a

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